ECLER - LPA10000


The new LPA series offers the renown Ecler amplification quality and reliability in a new versatile, light and affordable format.

The integrated crossover allows, when activated, to internally send the low frequency band to channel 1 and the high frequency band to channel 2 (crossover frequency at 150Hz), making two way configurations an easy job without the need of external processing.

Main characteristics
Ultra light technology (LPA 6000 5.6 kg, LPA 10000 6.8 kg and LPA 16000 9.2 kg)
Integrated crossover filter
Variable fan speed system proportional to the internal amplifier temperature. Back to front ventilation.
Rotary input attenuation controls in the front panel, easily accessible.
LEDs of Power On and Stand By, Signal Present, Clip, Stereo/Bridge, Crossover activated and protection of activation.
Effective protection system against short-circuit, overheating and DC signal presence, in order to avoid damage to the amplifier and the connected speakers.
Integrated anti-clip circuit, always active.
Mode selector: STEREO, PARALLEL and BRIDGE.
Balanced inputs through XLR3 and 6.35 mm Jack stereo connections. Unbalanced RCA connections.
Amplified outputs through binding posts and Speakon® connectors
Small live sound systems
Mobile applications
Permanent installations


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