MAC Series: A legend

The last three decades have seen over 50.000 DJs worldwide performing their music with a MAC mixer, a true legend which the new MACv Series contributes to perpetuate, as it upgrades its features in accordance to the latest technological advances.
Today’s discotheques, pubs, clubs, mobile systems and everywhere a pristine audio processing is required, can keep enjoying the legendary MAC Series, the most advanced, toughest and reliable mixer around.

Eclers VCA and Faders

With the introduction of the new MACv, ECLER further improves the behaviour and durability of the most abused components in a mixer: the faders and crossfaders. Indeed, all MACv models combine a unique VCA* circuit with a new ECLER branded crossfader. The ECLER branded sliding potentiometers is an exclusive fader concept with internal guides which has been thoroughly designed by ECLER's R&D laboratory, demonstrating spectacular characteristics: the combination of both elements provides the MACv crossfaders with over 4.000.000 operations... showing no fatigue symptoms!

Fader Test unit. This fixture performs simultaneous aging tests on four potentiometers. A sophisticated microprocessor-controlled pneumatic system allows us to adjust both the number of operations per second and the pressure applied to the axis and the final part of the travel. ECLER's Fader/Crossfader with internal guides

*VCA Voltage Controlled Amplifier
The crossfader is connected to this electronic circuit and adjusts the gain of a small intermediate amplifier, which in turn controls the audio signal level. So, the audio signal does not pass the potentiometer, avoiding unwanted noise and extending the potentiometers life to more than 4.000.000 operations.

New Switching Power Supply Technology

Together with the potentiometers, the power supply is (although usually overlooked) the engine that powers a mixer. The MACv Series features an uncommon power supply for audio mixers: a switching power supply. This new system which does not only allow operating with any voltage between 90 and 260V / 50 or 60 Hz without any kind of adjustment, but also offers a much more lightweight and less vulnerability to vibrations. These power supplies heat up less than conventional ones and have passed tests equivalent to 20 years of uninterrupted operation. But the most important feature, apart from its high reliability, is that they are capable of delivering a far more than enough current for the internal circuitry, thus offering exceptional musical dynamic range.

Other features

Reliable high precision electromechanical components.
Second and third generation SMD technology boards.
All three models feature a Phantom power supply for condenser microphones.
Custom LINE inputs: adapted for high level (CD, MP3, MINIDISC, DAT) and low level (TAPE, TUNER, VIDEO)
Tone controls with full CUT filters.
Control panel is angled 15° for easy operation.


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