CKL 110 - Long Throw Sound System

The on-axis frequency response within a 3dB margin lies between 170Hz and 19kHz. margin. The efficiency, which is sound pressure level (SPL) at 1m and 1W power input, reaches remarkable 112dB.

The maximum RMS power is 350W at 8Ω, while the program power capacity is 700W at 8Ω.

CKL SM115 - Mid Low CKL 110 Sound Reinforcement

Low-dimensioned trapezoidal acoustic enclosure for mid and low frequency playback. Bandpass type acoustical design. Assembled with 18mm thick birch plywood from Finland covered with a scratch and shock resistant polyurethane paint finish. Internally reinforced. It employs a high performance 15’’ speaker attached to a horn in order to increase efficiency. The speaker is protected against shocks, dust and splashes by a metal grille and an acoustically transparent foam.

The maximum RMS power is 600W at 8Ω, while the program power capacity is 1200W at 8Ω.


The CKL 110 has been designed for playback of vocal signals in fix installations. It can be used alone or together with the CKL SM115 (which has the same dimensions and shape) to extend the system’s frequency response towards mid and low frequencies. Alone or together with the CKL SM115 the system offers high efficiency levels. This makes it suitable for all applications where voice long throw is the major priority.



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