The AMBIT range is more than just a line of acoustic cabinets for sound reinforcement. AMBIT is the outcome of a study on the present and immediate future needs with respect to background and foreground pro audio applications.

Stores, shopping centres, schools, conference halls, hotels, industries, offices, museums, meeting rooms, hospitals, leisure areas are just some of the places in which AMBIT series can directly be applied. However, ECLER research has gone one step beyond and fully aware of the great variety of areas and situations in which quality music reinforcement is a must, has finally accomplished to fulfil the increasingly demanding requirements of system integrators, retail installers and decorators. Moreover, AMBIT series are IP rated for applications requiring weatherproof loudspeaker cabinets.

A series of discreet cabinets that go unnoticed, blending into their surroundings. The special shape of AMBIT series, with their rear part in the shape of a cut-off pyramid, enables the cabinet to be installed flush in the wall in corner assemblies. Also, the cabinet looks a lot smaller from the front than it actually is, as the back part is hidden from view.

A unique product. No other similar cabinet exists. An ECLER exclusive design that is extremely adaptable to all kind of installation’s requirements.

Key features
AMBIT103 and AMBIT106 loudspeakers feature:
ABS reinforced cabinet available in white and black colours
Embedded quality audio transformer for 100V applications
8Ω/100V operation selector
Included on wall hardware, safety sling, screws and wrench for fast installation
Spring loaded input terminals
IP54 (AMBIT103, AMBIT106)
Technical data overview
AMBIT103: 2 way 3.5" polypropylene + 1/2" soft dome coaxial tweeter. 25Wrms/8Ω, 15/7.5/5/2.5Wrms/100V. IP54
AMBIT106: 2 way 6.5" polypropylene + 1/2" soft dome coaxial tweeter. 50Wrms/8Ω, 30/15/7.5/5Wrms/100V. IP54
AMBIT SB110: 10” bass reflex wooden sub-bass reinforcement. 200Wrms/8Ω. Internal included 12dB/oct 150Hz cross-over
Shopping centres
Retail shops
PA distributed sound systems
Clubs, Cafes, Bars foreground/background reinforcement
Tourist temporary outdoor installations
A wide range of accessories are available, please check independent brochure for further information:
MP106AMB2/WH : 2x AMBIT106 cluster hardware. Available in white
MP106AMB3/WH: 3/6x AMBIT106 cluster hardware. Available in white
MP106AMB4/WH: 4x AMBIT106 cluster hardware. Available in white
MP103AMB2: 2x AMBIT103 cluster hardware
MP103AMB4: 4x AMBIT103 cluster hardware
SR6/WH: on wall bracket for MP106AMB2 cluster. Available in white


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