About the DI6SM
It's a fact of audio life that a lot of equipment that has to be connected to professional audio systems isn't impedance or level compatible.

Interfaces Unlimited
MP3 players, Tape/cassette/DVD/CD decks, audio for video, drum machines, synthesizers, bass guitars, computers; at some stage all these need linking up to Balanced inputs, whether the application is Live sound, Studio or Broadcast.
To solve these problems, we've developed the DI-6SM:

Six active D.I. (Direct Injection) boxes,
plus a 6 into 1 Line Mixer,
plus a 1 to 6 Microphone or Line Splitter,
All of this in a compact, all steel 1 RU package.

A Pro Audio Toolbox
This unique and flexible audio toolbox allows Six independent unbalanced audio sources to easily and quietly interface with Balanced pro audio systems, either to individual channels or summed down to one Master output.

But that's not all.
By pressing a single switch on the rear panel the DI-6SM will change modes - from 6 Direct Boxes plus Mixer to being a 6 way Splitter (mic/line distribution amplifier). Now it will split an incoming microphone or line signal to 6 individual outputs or zones, with an XLR Loop Out to send the microphone output off to a mixing desk as well. Switchable phantom power and Gain trim for the Mic input completes this new package
On the front panel, each channel has 2 IN/OUT jacks, a level control from infinity (off) through 0dB to +15dB gain, and a Clip indicator LED.
The Master section has a Master volume control and status LEDs indicating whether the unit is in DI+Mixer or in Splitter mode. For your convenience there is also a balanced jack Mix output on the front panel, in parallel with the balanced XLR Mix output on the rear panel.
In addition, as on all ARX single rack unit equipment, each channel has a numbered marker panel ('scribble strip') you can write on for easy confirmation of channel assigns.

Balanced Outputs
On the rear, each channel has an XLR Balanced output, with associated Ground lift switch and status LED, to isolate the chassis and electronic grounds.
The Master section has a Balanced XLR output on the rear, and a Balanced Jack output on the front panel. In addition there is a Balanced XLR input with a switch to put the unit in either DI + Mixer or into Splitter mode. In Splitter mode there is a switch to toggle between Microphone and Line level input, as well as a Phanrom Power switch and a Loop Output for a mic signal to go to a Miing desk as well
Universal AC Power
AC power range is a universal 100 to 120V or 220 to 240V AC, and is connected to the unit via a removable power lead and standard 3 pin IEC connector, with built-in fuse and voltage change switch.
With so many handy functions, plus a true 'user friendly' layout, it's no wonder people call the DI-6SM 'A total Audio Patching System in 1 RU!'


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