T Series - Ram Audio

The T Series of amplifiers has been specifically developed for fixed installation and/or network applications. Thus they are equipped with specific connectors: Euro style input and screw terminal barrier strip output, to offer clear, direct and hassle-free connectivity.

Furthermore they offer up to eight independent channels per unit to allow for as many zoning possibilities. Their unitary power output is dimensioned to suit specifically that type of installations.

• Eight and four channel models with 300W and 150W per channel

• Minimal footprint and mass arround 200mm depth and 6 Kg

• Optional Add-on card to interface with third party alarm systems with GPIO connections

• FCM™ Faulty Channel Management system to avoid entire device shutdown

• State-of-the-art layout for maximum performance and reliability

• Highly oversized thermal dissipation design for maximum reliability

• Superb distortion and noise figures

• All channels bridgeable by pairs

• Selectable gain in four channel groups (26, 32 and 38dB)

• Subsonic filter per channel (35Hz user selectable)

• Temperature and signal dependant, intelligent cooling system for minimal noise

• Optimal heat extraction due to the air tunneled enclosure and insulator-less power devices attachment to the heatsink

• Direct connector-less output for maximum quality loudspeaker control

• High grade engineering inside with the latest SMD technology

• Balanced Inputs with 0.1% tolerance resistors for a precise noise rejection

• Critical electronic and mechanical parts selection

• Innovative protection systems, FCM™ Faulty Channel Management and SSP™ SOA Sentry Protection

• Detented and optionally tamper-proof volume potentiometers

• Hi efficiency, two steps Class H Audio topology

• Protection, Signal and Clip indicators per channel

• Power On and Standby general indicators

• Extremely compact, fully featured QuantaPulse Power supply

• Low current consumption and heat generation allowing less demanding conditions for multiple amplifier installations

• Factory preset worldwide mains voltage power supply

• Laser cut four milimeters aluminium front panel

• Rugged 2U steel chasis


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