ECLER - NXA 4 200


NXA is the name of a new series of “all-in-one” digital audio devices: a multichannel self-powered digital manager that stays halfway between the former NZA networkable amplifiers and a digital matrix. In some projects a remotely managed digital amplifier is necessary, but not enough to fulfill with the full list of requirements (sources mixing, input priority (talkover), FAULT monitoring, end user remote control, etc.).

Adding a digital matrix to the list can take it out of budget. This is where the NXA series fits perfectly: an amplifier-processor hybrid digital device, a complete audio solution with many remote control options and a long list of smart features.

Características principales
4 available models:
NXA4-80: 4 x 80 W RMS @ 4Ω
NXA4-200: 4 x 200 W RMS @ 4Ω
NXA6-80: 6 x 80 W RMS @ 4Ω
NXA6-200: 6 x 200 W RMS @ 4Ω
4/6 analogue inputs
4/6 powered output channels (can work in SINGLE, PARALLEL or BRIDGE modes)
4/6 GPI REMOTE control ports (compatible with 0-10VDC analogue control devices, like the WPmVOL and WPmVOL-SR wall panels). A REMOTE port can control one or several inputs volume, one or several outputs volume or a preset recall
Class D amplifiers (eco friendly)
Auto stand-by function (eco friendly)
100% silent, thanks to its fanless convection cooling system
First-class digital audio codecs, providing excellent signal to noise ratio figures
Ethernet interface, compatible with EclerNet Manager platform and UCP remote control system (webserver-webclient system)
TP-NET third-party remote control, via Ethernet and RS-232 interfaces (compatible with CRESTRON®, AMX®, RTI®, VITY®, etc.)
Front panel POWER and/or LEVEL knobs can be disabled to avoid unwanted manipulation
Front panel knobs can control one or several inputs volume, or one or several outputs volume
Device’s programmable health self-test mode function, with FAULT RELAY (it allows to detect a device’s failure and then activate an external redundancy system)
Integrated anti-clip system
2 units rack height
Integrated DSP processor. Main features:
Each channel has an inputs’ mixer that allows to get a customized and independent (per channel) mix of all the available input signals
VOLUME, MUTE, SOLO, PHASE INVERSION, MAX. VOL limit and MIN.VOL limit controls, per channel
LP and HP Crossover filters, up to 4th order, per channel
8 parametric EQ filters bank, per channel
Compressor, with THRESHOLD, COMP. RATIO, ATTACK, RELEASE, KNEE and MAKE-UP GAIN parameters, per channel
Delay, up 1.000 milliseconds, per channel
DUCKER function: one input can be configured as the highest priority signal, being able to override the audio contents in the desired channels in the unit, when it overpasses the detection threshold. This function is especially useful in evacuation / emergency systems, where a message must be automatically detected and played instead of the program audio
5 preset memories available
Live sound (WiFi management is possible from a PC)
Centralized, distributed or hybrid fixed installation
Integration in installation global control systems
Big Public Address zoned systems
Installations requiring remote supervision, diagnostic and adjustment via Internet


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