PKUB is a professional two-channel amplified mixer made for the desktop and includes a powerful class D stereo amplifier and a universal switch-mode power supply.

PKUB is a compact professional solution for sound, when the end users do not necessarily need to be knowledgeable in the use of audio equipment. It is easy to start up and use and is similar to home audio equipment. When running, it is totally silent, and its special format and look make it perfect for visible locations where classic professional equipment, designed to go on a rack, would not be suitable.

Main features
Two-channel mixer with two input channels, one compatible with MICRO/LINE signals and the other with LINE signals.
Built-in 2 x 50 W RMS over 4Ώ class D stereo amplifier
Direct mini-jack input line on the front panel, AUX IN (channel 2), ideal for connecting an iPod®, MP3 players, multimedia players, etc. Channel 2 also has a duplicate stereo RCA connection on the back panel
Power plug with an A-type USB connector for charging the batteries of your iPod®, MP3 player, multimedia player, etc.
Includes a talkover assigned to input 1 with an internal recovery and efficiency time switch.
Microphone sensitivity level can be adjusted using a trimmer on the back panel
Phantom power (+18 V DC), internally switchable, for MIC input (channel 1)
Level control by input channel.
Independent three-band tone controls for each channel on the back panel, accessible with a screwdriver.
Rotary output level control and push-for-MUTE function
Remote output volume and mute control with included infrared remote control
Auxiliary line output for a subwoofer reinforcement system or sending to other audio equipment
MIX IN input direct to the mixing bus to connect the unit with outside equipment, such as another PKUB unit or a SAM mixer
General remote MUTE control by outside contact, which is ideal for connecting fire detection systems and/or other security devices. Internally programmable “NO / NC” (normally open, normally closed).
Output switch for MONO (SUB)/STEREO modes on the back panel


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