HMA180 is a self-powered installation Public Address mixer. It features a total of 9 audio inputs and a high / low impedance amplified output, together with an extensive set of control connections and features to be the perfect single-box solution in most projects involving background music, microphone signals, paging, pre-recorded messages and evacuation alarms.

Key features:
4 MIC balanced inputs, with bus phantom power (selectable)
4 LINE inputs
Independent 3 band EQ for the MIC inputs mix bus
Independent 3 band EQ for the LINE inputs bus
Pager & chime function, MIC1 input (voice level or contact closure activation)
Additional EMERGENCY MIC/LINE input with independent features:
Selectable phantom power
3 band EQ
Activation mode: VOICE / CONTACT
Independent output volume level (ignores the MASTER volume adjusted for the rest of the audio signals mix, assuring a pre-defined level for the emergency messages all over the installation)
Linkable to the included 24 VDC control output (to activate the priority relays in volume control wall panels)
Remote Volume control port (0 – 10 VDC)
Remote MUTE control port (to allow an external device MUTE the P.A. system completely)
24 VDC control output, linkable to the PAGER and/or EMERGENCY functions (to activate the priority relays remote volume controls)
Subsonic filter (@ 70 Hz)
Insertion point in TRS format
8Ω , 70 V, 100 V powered output
LINE level AUX output (allows for an external amplifier connection, like the HSA300 or HZA-F amps, in case that higher power is required)
Class D 180 W amplifier, convection cooled (100% silent)
Internal & universal Power Supply
WPm series wall panel controls
MPAGE1 desktop paging station
Recommended loudspeaker selection
IC in-ceiling series
ICPLUS in-ceiling series
ECL in-ceiling series
AC acoustic column series
AUDEO series
AMBIT series
BGM, Public Address & Paging solutions, with up to 9 audio inputs, message priorities and volume / EQ independent management


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