MIMO88 is an 8 in / 8 out digital audio matrix, fully programmable and linkable to a second unit to become a 16x16 matrix, with real routing from any input to any output. It can be configured and managed via Ethernet with the included EclerNet Manager software, also offering many other external control options: Windows® based networked clients (a graphical, custom-made screen for each user), TP-NET third-party control protocol for the integration with external control hardware like Crestron®, AMX®, Extron®, etc., digital WPTOUCH wall panels, digital MPAGE16 paging station, 8 GPIO ports, etc.

Key features
8 MIC/LINE balanced inputs, with phantom power selection and mono or stereo management
8 balanced outputs with mono or stereo management
2 additional monitoring outputs
Expandable to 16 inputs / 16 outputs to become a real 16 x 16 matrix (using the digital audio bus between MIMO88 units, a CAT5 connection which can handle 100 meter distances)
8 GPI ports (General Purpose Inputs): 0-10 VDC control inputs assignable to MIMO functions, like volume control, MUTE, preset recall, etc.
8 GPO ports (General Purpose Outputs): relay contacts to remote control external devices, like motors, lights, etc.
Digital control bus for the WPTOUCH (digital touch-sensitive) wall panel and the MPAGE16 (digital & touch sensitive paging station)
Fully programmable and controllable via EclerNet software (with a straight PC-MIMO88 cable connection or by means of an Ethernet network)
Ethernet remote control with multi-client simultaneous connections: Windows® based control screens customised for the needs of each user
A few processing bits: signal generator, delays, full parametric EQ filters at inputs and outputs, inputs noise gate, level, mute, phase, vu-meters, outputs compressor / limiter, ducking (priority & overriding), virtual and physical paging stations management, automatic mixer function, presets save & recovery, scheduled events triggering

Recommended amplification
MPA multichannel series
HZA multichannel 100V line series
NZA multichannel networkable series
NPA stereo networkable series

WPTOUCH touch-sensitive digital wall panel control
MPAGE16 touch-sensitive digital paging station
WP series wall panel controls


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