MIMO 54 is an audio matrix with 5 input sources and 4 zone outputs especially designed for multi-zone sound applications involving a choice of source and independent volume adjustments. It also includes priority signal and message management for generic and/or evacuation announcements.

UPGRADED! Now compatible with the new MPAGE4 paging station for real-time messages management.

Main features:

4 stereo program inputs (two allow microphone/line signals, the other two only line signals).
4 monophonic zone outputs with two-band tone adjustment for each output (accessible on the front panel using a screwdriver).
Selectable Phantom power for the microphone inputs.
Fifth input signal (microphone/line) with priority (dual operating mode: PRIORITY / EVACUATION).
Choice of source and independent output volume control (by zone).
Can connect to remote control panels for choice of source and zone volume adjustments.
Selection of local zone or remote control mode (from the front panel or from the remote control panels).
Headphone monitoring section.
Euroblock connectors in inputs and outputs (input no. 1 also includes an XLR connector for the MIC/LINE L signal).
Front panel controls can be replaced with security covers (included) to prevent undesired manipulation.

Recommended amplification:

Multi-channel MPA series
Ampack series


Multi-zone/multi-source management of public address systems with announcements and/or evacuation notices
Sound in multi-use areas
Sound with choice of source and remote and independent volume control (by zone)
Corporate facilities
Industrial facilities


WPOL and WPVOL-SR wall remote controls


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