New 2x6 DSP audio processor featuring 24bits - 96kHz in a simple and effective management environment.

EDRIVE includes top quality AD/DA converters for those applications requiring superior audio quality, i.e. live performances, and is delivered with EWARE, the PC based management software.

Key features

2x6 DSP processor running at 24bits - 96kHz
Top quality AD/DA converters
Butterworth, Bessel and L-R crossover filters
Featuring Hardman 8th exclusive non-linear sharp slope filtering
Selectable crossover slopes: from 6 dB/octave to 48 dB/octave
Parametric (up to 6 eq points) and shelving eq in all inputs and outputs with no DSP limits at anytime
Available delays in both INPUTS and OUTPUTS
Output limiter
Real time system set up and VU-meter monitoring of all INPUTS and OUTPUTS
Up to 45 memory bank locations for user programs
Launch panel function helps identifying working device
Lock out function
Electronically balanced INPUTS and OUTPUTS
2x24 character backlit LCD
Fully configurable from PC via EWARE PC based control software

Main applications

Stereo 3 way loudspeaker management
2 way L,C,R configurations
1 input/6 output mono signal processor


EDRIVE is provided with EWARE control software for accurate remote unit set up and RS232 cable

Download Podware v5.08.0


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