The 24bits-48kHz, 2x4 processor featuring a comprehensive and extensive DSP management mainly targeted at permanent professional audio Installations.

Thanks to its external black box conception, AMIC24 offers added versatility and security against unwanted manipulations.

AMIC24 comes with AMICLAB2 exclusive management software for PC: setting up an Installation has never been so clear and easy.

Key features

24bits / 48kHz sampling rate for superior audio quality
Powerful 48bits DSP architecture allows real time configurations
Four full independent channels management for an added versatility
Input selection and gain controls, MUTE and PHASE invert
Crossover section with 9 different high and low pass filter options. Up to 24dB/oct
Cross over edge link possibility
Equalisation section with 11 different filter types. Up to 10 equalisation points running per output channel
Limiter and compressor section with automatic mode possibility. Compression status indicator
Independent remote input VCA control
Independent delay per output adjustable to preferred units (m, cm, s, ms)
Built in signal generator allows white and pink noise, sine tone and polarity check as an extra versatility tool
USB controlled by AMICLAB2 included software
Graphic user interface (GUI) allows all parameters to be edited by a single drag and drop mouse operation
Password controlled for unwanted set up manipulation
Grouping channels feature simplifies set up when stereo configurations are required
Upgradeable DSP firmware
Full file management


Permanent installation management system
Live sound. Monitor management
Stereo bi-amped general applications

See WP series, volume remote control panels, compatible with AMIC and AMIC24


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