The ARX AFTERBURNER II™ is a unique Multi Mode compressor/limiter designed for use in any professional audio dynamics control application.
Multiple Modes
The Afterburner can be set up and used in three different ways:

In Two channel mode, it performs as two independent compressor/limiters, with 'industry standard' variable Threshold, Ratio and Output gain.
In stereo mode, our New Adaptive Stereo Link circuitry provides increased stereo imaging accuracy when linking both channels as a stereo pair.
A single front panel switch puts the Afterburner into its alternative Mono mode, setting it up as a Single channel, Dual Band compressor/limiter, with separate dynamics control of both Low and High frequencies, opening up a whole new range of gain control techniques.
Enhance Switch
In any mode, the Afterburner features an 'Enhance' switch, which provides frequency restoration to preserve the spectral balance of the audio signal, compensating for the sagging Low and High frequency response of compressed program material. Think of it as a 'smart' loudness control.

New Above/Below Threshold LEDs enable at-a-glance compression confirmation
New Hard or Soft knee compression option
New LED metering provides accurate Level status, with separate Gain Reduction metering in easy to read 'wide scale' meters. There is also comprehensive LED indication of all operating functions and status in any mode.

Balanced Inputs and Outputs
On the rear panel, each channel has true differential Balanced inputs and outputs, on both XLR and TRS jack connectors. As well, each channel has a TRS jack Sidechain access insert point, for applications such as De-essing (when used with an external equalizer such as the ARX EQ 260).
Other features include a true Hardwire bypass switch for each channel, and passive RFI filters on the inputs.

Universal AC Power
AC power range is a universal 100 to 120V or 220 to 240V AC, and is connected to the unit via a removable power lead and standard 3 pin IEC connector, with built-in fuse and voltage change switch.

With its smooth compression, intuitive user friendly layout, high density precision circuitry, and extensive user-variable operating parameters, the unique ARX Afterburner is equally at home in Studio, Installation, Broadcast and Sound Reinforcement environments. It can provide great sounding dynamics control effects that are not available with any other device.


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